Tweet-4-Truth is a grassroots movement started by people who are fed-up with ABC News and, their decision to give President Obama an estiamted $50 million in free air-time to promote his government domination of health care. ABC said “no thanks” to airing the republican plan, they said “no thanks” to running paid ads critical of the president’s plan to have a small group of people in Washington decide who gets what care. Here’s Fox News on ABC’s partnership with President Obama.

Enough — As of today, 479 people have joined the Tweet-4-Truth Facebook group: all of us are going to do the de-spinning ABC apparently won’t do.  

Here is the plan: we start Tweeting-the-truth today, all day—but, we aim our big effort at the highlight of ABC’s night, their one-hour “townhall” meeting (um … townhalls meetinsg aren’t normally so secretive or exclusive). We watch for the president to over-simplify, gloss past the cost of “free” health care, we see if ABC details what health care rationing looks like in the UK. Then, we use the magic Twitter-button to Tweet-4-Truth. And, we always use the #Obamercial tag because, our goal is to make #Obamercial a trending topic on Twitter so other people will click over and learn the truth about President Obama’s plans.

Here’s the programming schedule from ABC for 6/24—this coming Wednesday:

For those who tweet in the morning: President Obama and the First Lady on “Good Morning America.” Get tweeting early and, remember, please use the #Obamercial tag.

For early evening tweets: ABC will do a White House-set telecast of “World News” But … #AllBarackChannel is just warming up.

The Main Event: The One gets his own Infomercial:

Starting at 10:00 EST (please check your local listings) a one-hour prime-time town-hall type discussion with the President on health care on June 24.

REMEMBER: ABC and the White House decided who would attend, they shut out the opposing views. ** This is where every one of us needs to Tweet-4-Truth ** use the #Obamercial hash tag, listen for the slippery phrase, the lie or the pure spin and tweet it.

Some resources for you:

The indespensible Heritage Center Blog on health care: 

The American Spectator and what they say is the $4 TRILLION cost of Obamacare—will ABC mention this?

Point of law de-bunks the oft-quoted “hundreds of thousands of medica casulties per year.”

The Cato Library on why you probably will not get to keep your current coverage once the government applies its strangle hold to doctors and nurses and, what they can charge.

~ by gotliberty on June 24, 2009.

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